Current Productions


Starring Chris Pidd

The award winning Carpe Diem is a contemporary portrayal of every day Australian males dealing with issues of health, grief, loss and depression. It stresses the importance of professional care in times of crises, and highlights the importance of mate ship and looking out for each other.

Set in a fictional town in inland Australia, Carpe Diem portrays the friendship of Nev, a hard working farmer, and John his stock agent friend. Both, have been impacted by the long running drought, and are each suffering their own personal crisis.


The RAIN MAKER is an arts and health production for YOUTH mental health care and YOUTH suicide prevention.

Damian-the Rain Maker-Jackson is a star footballer. At home, life is not so easy. His step father is an abusive alcoholic and when his mother receives a cancer diagnosis, Damo is thrust into the role of father and carer.

Howie is Damian’s best friend. A talented dancer, he has become a target for bullies.

A major upset at one of their football games, reveals the challenges facing each one of them and acts as a catalyst for necessary change.


The LIAR BIRD is designed for work place and community audiences. It is an entertaining depiction of the dangers of work place bullying and its devastating effects on the work place.

The LIAR BIRD employs theatre, comedy, music and dance to describe the effects of work place bullying on staff, productivity and financial cost.

The LIAR BIRD describes the benefits of a workplace free of bullying, where a positive and productive work environment is encouraged and bullying is not tolerated.

The LIAR BIRD is a work-safe initiative for healthier work places.

Past Productions

The Symphony of Life

Starring John Wood

Symphony of Life is live community arts event employing comedy, pathos, music and dance to portray the cancer journey. Featuring dedicated amateur actors, a choir of local cancer survivors and sufferers and a troupe of highly talented dancers, Symphony of Life is a celebration of life! As well it is a heart-felt tribute to leading cancer support group Brave Hearts on the Murray

Performed at the Butter Factory, Wodonga in 2012 with direction by Chris Pidd and starring leading actor John Wood, the show was a sell- out success! It also featured stunning set designs by Alicia Marshall and beautiful dance performances by the Wodonga Calisthenics Academy.


Starring John Wood

HEROES is an Arts and Health Initiative for healthier communities. This live theatre event delivers a range of health and mental health messages, whilst portraying the hilarious and hapless adventures of the staff at Drummers Hardware Store. Previously produced by The Other Theatre Company and directed by Miguel de Oliviera, the production featured the stunning talents of lead actor John Wood and the Wodonga Calisthenics Academy dancers. The production also featured a brilliant large scale industrial set depicting the interior of Drummers and an actual life-size Jaguar car. HEROES was the genesis of Carpe Diem Mental Health Play.

Who we’ve worked with

Here are some of the many organisations we’ve worked with.

We acknowledge the care and support of these organisations and are proud to partner with them.


“Excellent performance! So worthwhile. Thank you and keep up the great work!”

“Thank you so much. You have inspired me to see my GP tomorrow and to take more notice of what is happening to others. Thanks a million!”

“Woooooooo! Yeah! Let’s continue to encourage men to discuss their feelings and not let it manifest into anger. Maybe it’s time for sadness.”

“Informative, entertaining. Thank you for making mental health okay. And it’s okay to talk especially if you are a bloke!!”

“Really nice mix of covering serious issues whilst keeping it humorous. Very entertaining!!”

“In the moment. True to home current environment. Need more of this in country communities.”

“Well done. My ex-husband had a breakdown and wouldn’t get help or share his pain with anyone.”

“Loved it! Thank you for sharing this work. Q&A very insightful. The characters are so real, like talking to my dad! Wish I could have told more people about it.”

“Loved it! Portrayed men’s view of depression and seeking help beautifully. Showing how you can get to a positive place was fantastic. Thank you.”

“Eye opening. Very truthful towards serious issues.”


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